Essential Oils for Chronic Pain

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Essential Oils for Chronic PainSeveral essential oils are good to treat several types of pain. You should know that there are several types of pains, each of which needs to be treated using different types of essential oils. In this article, we will show you some essential oils for chronic pain, and what they can do to relieve the pain.

Types of pain

Usually, joint and bone pain which are caused by trauma or injury needs to be treated using spruce, Helichrysum, and Palo Santo essential oils. Muscle pain that can last in such a long period and can affect a large area of muscles need to be treated using chamomile. Rosemary, and thyme essential oils. Meanwhile, the other types of essential oils like lavender, cloves, peppermint, sandalwood, and eucalyptus are good to treat the chronic pain, which can stay for more than four weeks.

Most popular essential oils for chronic pain

  1. Lavender

The lavender essential oil has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics that are effective to reduce the pain caused by sore muscles. In order to get the best result, you can mix the lavender essential oil with coconut milk or castor oil before applying it in the affected area. Or, you can also put some drops of this essential oil into bath water to get rid of your joint stiffness.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered as one of the most expensive essential oils that you can get from the market. What makes it so expensive is the fact that the extracted oil is taken from the Heartwood of the Santalum album tree. For your information, it takes at least fifty years to get the high quality Heartwood that can result in a high quality essential oil. However, this expensive essential oil is quite powerful to heal the skeletal pain, neuralgia, and muscle pain.

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is reported as one of the earliest essential oil which has a very refreshing smell. The pleasant smell actually comes from the menthol, as its active ingredient which also become the main component of the peppermint essential oil. This type of essential oil has an antispasmodic effect. That is why, the essential oil is widely used to heal the pain caused by indigestion and nausea, for example.

  1. Eucalyptus

This essential oil is made of the oil, which is carefully extracted from the eucalyptus tree’s leaves and bark. This essential oil is effective to reduce the pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory agent. Since the pure eucalyptus essential oil is very strong, it is suggested to be mixed with coconut oil before being applied directly into your skin.

What essential oils for chronic pain can do

  1. Carminative, relieves the stomach cramps and aches by getting rid of gas formation which is accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Sedative, reduces irritation that often results in pains and aches.
  3. Anesthetic, reduces the pain intensity by causing the numbing sensation around the area of pain.
  4. Anti Inflammatory, heal the swelling and inflammation that is caused by joint injuries.
  5. Antirheumatic, relieves the joint stiffness and rheumatic pain.
  6. Antimicrobial, fights against various diseases which are caused by microorganism and bacteria, like stomach infection and sinus congestion.
  7. Decongestant, reduce headaches which are caused by colds and allergies, which often accompanied by sinus and nasal congestion.
  8. Antidepressant, helps reduce migraine, neuropathy pain, chronic pain, and also depression.
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