Three Recommended Incredible Oils for Back Pain Conquerors

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Oils for Back Pain ConquerorsNature gives whatever we need, including foods, things we can use to make clothes, also goods that allow us to build house. Nature even gives us things we can use to get rid of some illness. Essential oil for example is plants’ natural oils that have been highly concentrated through distillation process that usually is distilled by water or steam. The process involves plants’ parts like bark, flowers, stems, leaves, roots.

Those essential oils given by plants are truly effective to reduce some health problems like arthritic, rheumatism, back pain, and so on. We’re now going to talk about essential oils for back pain. Since there are lots of plants out there ready to help us, essential oils come in myriad different names depend on the name of plants producing the oils. First oil is called clary sage essential oil.

Essential oils for back pain

Clary sage essential oil helps reducing inflammation and pain also spasms of ligaments and muscles. Back pain usually is caused by the locked up muscles that we cannot stretch out. Clary sage essential oil is going to soothe the muscles so you can move your body freely and more comfortably. Just mix four or five drops clary sage essential oil with carrier oil like coconut or almond oil to massage your backaches.

Or, try chamomile essential oil that’s so legendary because of its effectiveness in relieving stress and reducing anxiety. Chamomile essential oil has not only psychological effect but also physical effect provided by its substance of anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Fill up your cup with chamomile tea then add chamomile oil drops then you’ll get anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound that’s more potent.

essential oils for back pain

Extraordinary Natural Oils for Back Pain Fighters

Another way to use chamomile essential oil – if you don’t have chamomile tea to be mixed with it – is by blending chamomile essential oil with carrier oil before using the oil to rub and massage the pain of your back. If acute injury is causing back pain, you need more sophisticated essential oil, try mustard essential oil then. How come mustard oil heals this specific back pain?

By using mustard essential oil, you let the natural element stimulating the repair and healing of ligaments and muscles that may be strained which then make you feel uncomfortable. Heat this special essential oil then use it to massage your back. You can also dilute mustard essential oil in massage oil or carrier oil before massaging the entire back or areas of your back that hurts the most.

Third of best oils for back pain is juniper essential oil. This kind of essential oil has the qualities of anti-spasmodic, sedative, and soothing which make this oil awesome for soothing both inflammation and back pain. If your back muscles and other muscles of your body are tightness which are caused by anxiety, juniper essential oil is what your muscles need because it is effective in relieving mental anxiety.

To gain benefit from essential oil you need to prepare warm bathwater then add ten drops juniper essential oil into the water. Soak your body in your bathwater for thirty minutes to let the magic oil heals your back pain.

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