What Essential Oil Is Good For Back Pain and Other Health Problems

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What Essential Oil Is Good For Back Pain Nowadays, elderlies aren’t the only one complaining about their back pain, a friend of mine is just 22 years old but cannot do whatever she wants without complaining of her back pain. So today, we’d love to share details about what essential oil is good for back pain that will help some friends relieving their backaches or back pain. Below are some different names of essential oils recommended for those fighting back pain.

Some dislike essential oils because of the myths saying essential oils are warming or even hot. But lavender, first wonderful essential oil we’d like to recommend is excellent for back pain is breaking the myth. Lavender oil typically is used in some cases including hyperactivity, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, and stress. Lavender oil is brilliant since it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory that’s great for back pain.

Another essential oil we’d love to recommend, that’s not so different from lavender oil is the rosemary oil. Rosemary is wonderful not only for cooking but also for healing. We can use rosemary oil not only to conquer arthritis, pains, aches, but especially to fight back pain. Tonic and analgesic qualities we can find in rosemary make rosemary excellent as essential oils every back pain sufferer must try.

But my favorite ever is ginger oil. Ginger became my favorite herb since I can use it to make drinks, to flavor some cooking, and now to help my best friend relieving her back pain. this essential oil considered as warming oil that will warm up our body whether when we consume it or when we use it outside our body. It will also help those with arthritic, rheumatism, and tightness.

What Essential Oil Is Good for Back Pain and Also Relaxing At Once

Next incredible essential oil that’s perfect for back pain sufferers is basil essential oil. If you or someone else you know is struggling to conquer tight muscles, basil essential oil will ease the struggle. Basil essential oil will not only loosen muscular tension of our back but will also help us relax. Someone with mental fatigue and nerve problems must try basil essential oil as well.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Back Pain

In neuritis cases, basil essential oil that’s rubbed into neck area, lower back, and spine will help relaxing the sufferers by loosen up tension. Now, try peppermint essential oil. Peppermint essential oil is not only refreshing but also uplifting at once since it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic elements. Those oils above aren’t the only answer for what essential oil is good for back pain. Below are more options.

Eucalyptus essential oil is the next. Because of the strong anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus essential oil becomes a soothing and warming option all sufferers of back pain problem must consider. In addition, eucalyptus essential oil has analgesic effect that’s as strong as the anti-inflammatory properties. Both qualities make eucalyptus essential oil effective for back stiffness, pains, and aches.

Finally, there’s marjoram essential oil that’s not only soothing and warming but also easing muscles and joints at the same time. Besides, marjoram essential oil influences our emotion by calming us and easing our stress. For those who have problem with arthritis must try marjoram essential oil that helps reducing inflammation.

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