Essentials oils for lower back pain

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There are about 80% adults suffer lower back pain in their lifetime. From American Chiropractic association, there are 50% American worker that report they have occasional lower back problem each year.

Essentials oils for lower back painCauses of lower back pain

Lower back pain depending to the causes, how long it has been untreated, and the state of someone’s health in overall can be mild or severe. Research from University of Maryland Medical Center states that important risks for having lower back pain include tobacco smoking, being overweight or obese, have family history with lower back pain, get stressed and anxiety, depressed, and doing too much physical work or sedentary lifestyle. The other most common causes people develop lower back pain is the posture problem such as spinal abnormalities.

How essentials work to relieve lower back pain?

Essentials oils are pure extract from plants that obtained from steam distillation and mechanical expression for botanical aromatic from leaves, roots, tree barks, and resin of plants, flowers, and fruit rinds. The essentials oils are highly concentrated and substances potent too, so it should be uses in small amounts and only dilute in properly.

The essentials oil for relieves lower back pain

  • Ginger.
  • Thyme
  • Peppermint
  • Vetiver
  • Black pepper
  • Sweet marjoram

Essential oils recipes to relieve lower back pain

Here are three effective recipes for relieve lower back pain using essential oils.

  • Warming pain relief massage oil.

What you need: 10 drops of thyme, 7 drops o9f ginger, 5 drops of sweet marjoram, 4 tbsp grapesseds oils, 2 oz amber glass dropper bottle.

How to make: add the essential oils drop by drop and close with grapeseed oil.

How to use: drop 3-5 drops of this essential oils blend into palm, rub both of palms, and deeply massage and press into lower back area to alleviate and reduce the pain.

  • Soothing hot compress.

What you need: the blend of essential oils such as above, small towel that able to round to waist and hot water.

How to use: massage the lower back with the blend of essential oils above, then use towel and wring it out into above of hot water. Wrap the towel into waist and cover your lower back. Wait to feel the towel get moist and warm that numb your pain. After 5 minutes, wring out the towel and repeat as compress again.

  • Cooling pain relief blend.

How to make: add 10 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of wintergreen, 2 tbsp fractioned coconut oil, 2 oz amber glass dropper bottle and shake to make blend essential oils.

How to use: take 3-5 drops of this essential oils blend to one palms, rub in both of two palms and massage into lower back. Leave in overnight to get maximum result to allow pleasant, tingling, and numb sensation.

When you have lower back pain, then it is important to find the cure as soon as possible. This will not only cure your lower back pain, but also prevent it come back. You also need to change your lifestyle to prevent your lower back pain come.

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