Economical Essential Oil Recipe for Back Pain

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Best of Essential oils for back painIn these days, we mostly buy essential oils in small bottles displayed in retail stores or supermarkets. Oftentimes, these little doses of essential oils come with a price higher than they should be. If you don’t buy them often, maybe it will not affect your spending negatively. But what if you need them often, for instance, if you frequently suffer from back pain?

This article will help you to cut costs for essential oils. You will find some essential oil recipe for back pain. Don’t worry about how to find the ingredients or tools, because you can find them easily near where you live of you can buy them online.

Lavender Essential Oil Recipe

Lavender oil is one of the mostly used essential oils for back pain. To make lavender essential oil, follow these steps

First, prepare some fresh lavender or buy dried lavender. Next, crush the flowers until they emit fragrance and place them in a small bottle. Pour some neutral oil on top of the flowers but leave space for the increase in volume. Then, place the mixture in a warm place.

The minimum time to get the essential oil is 48 hours. The strength of your oil’s fragrance will increase if you leave the mixture for three to six weeks. After you’re happy with the strength of your oil, strain it and throw away the dried lavender flowers and twigs.

Cajuput Oil Recipe

Cajuput oil typically costs less than the other essential oils, but most of the cajuput in the market are mass-produced. They are still beneficial if you don’t want any hassle, but there’s no harm in knowing how to make it yourself. This cajuput essential oil recipe, if not executed, will at least give you an image of how your cajuput oil is processed.

First, the cajuput leaves are picked from the tree. When enough leaves are gathered, it will undergo a simple distillation process. The leaves are put into a kettle above a stove. The kettle will be sealed tightly so the steam does not escape. Beside the kettle, there is a water container that will help the distillation process.

Steam from the boiled leaves will be condensed and it will become cajuput oil. Before being packed into bottles, the distillation result will be filtered to assure its quality.

Miracle Essential Oil Recipe for Back Pain

Have you known about this wonderful traditional Indonesian recipe? If you haven’t and your back pain is making you miserable, try making this one. You don’t need any weird ingredients, you can find them all easily. You need 12 pieces of ginger, handfuls of chili peppers and nutmegs, and some 96% or pure alcohol.

To make it, crush all ingredients (the gingers must be peeled first), pour some alcohol, seal the container tightly, and leave it in the fridge for 3 months. Easy, right? Now that you’ve found out how to make your own essential oils, be brave to experiment! There are tons of different essential oil recipes that you can try to alleviate your back pain or any other discomfort.


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